• My Top 5 Secrets for Healthy Hair

    For those who have known me since I was young, I have certainly gone through transitions with my hair. While you think it may have been with color, it actually wasn't. It was solely the texture, ...

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    My Top 5 Secrets for Healthy Hair
  • What’s In My Summer Bag?

    HOW IS IT SUMMER?! I hate to be that girl that is like "omg where did the time go" but seriously where the FACK did time go? I felt like I woke up from Spring into the most absurd weather of INTENSE ...

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    What’s In My Summer Bag?

    Holy cow folks the day has COME! About damn time. After learning that some nights I can't film in character (like I legit get camera shy)....to learning that it's hard AF to edit a video, I have ...

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  • Favorite Podcasts – March 2019

    Not sure if 18 year old Haley would ever think she'd be a fan of podcasts, when I had all of my reality television shows bookmarked as my favorites since maybe 16... Regardless, we are now in an ...

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    Favorite Podcasts – March 2019

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